• research

    Administrative & Legal Support

    We offer Legal Services, CAPTCHA, Mailing List Development, Fact Checking, Personal Assistant, Transcription, Data Conversion, Data Scanning/Image Scanning (OCR with Editing and Indexing Services), Presentation Formatting
  • internet-marketing


    The driving forces behind our successful e-marketing solutions have been innovation, originality, and inspiration
  • software-marketing

    Software & Technologies

    With our dedicated teams and considerable experience, we are an extension of our client's development team
  • writing


    Writing content that is highly technical in nature comes easily to us
  • second

    Data Entry

    Specializing in data entry services and internet research and we will develop a service plan for your specific data entry projects and forms processing requirements.
  • Translation Services St Paul MN - Minnesota Translations
      Center of Excellence!
Highly specialized services to the needs and requirements of individuals and company.

Atarjamat has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of online services and solutions to individuals and all types of companies. The firm’s growth is largely due to our clients’ satisfaction.

We are honored to be able to contribute to their success and growth around the world. Since our establishment in November 2009, Atarjamat’s team has delivered focused, responsive and personalized services, which resulted in ongoing relationships with our clients.

Our Services

Data Entry Translation Services Administrative & Legal Support

Specializing in data entry services and internet research ,we are fully capable of developing and managing an efficient service plan for your specific data entry projects and tasks with minimum errors.

Our well-experienced team of translators, proofreaders and editors ensures the highest quality standard for each job, be it a book, research, article, contract, or any other type of texts. Every job we deliver is checked and double-checked for language, style and consistency.

We provide assistance and support services to the department’s line programs as well as legal support, and we offer great help to law companies.

E-Marketing Software & Technologies Writing Services

We specialize in developing search engine optimized content that places the client’s website at the top of the rankings by a search engine.

We are playing an important role in addressing key sustainability challenges through the development of software and technologies.

We provide a full-featured writing and editing services to individuals and our specialties include article writing, academic writing, E-books and blogs, ghost writing and others.